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My Story

When I think back to high school, I remember a LOT of confusion. I was lucky that I went to an affluent high school and had access to a guidance counselor, but I never had the sense that he knew me, or could help me figure out how to know myself, or what was important to me. I remember doing an aptitude test and getting some feedback and doing research in the BIG reference books available. My test had suggested that “Forest Ranger” might be a good fit for me, because I was content with my own company, but I really couldn’t see myself camped out in a lookout station in the backcountry. Another suggestion was “Jewelry Designer” but the reference books told me that the job outlook was bleak and low paying. Finally I saw “Chef”. Aha! I loved to cook and bake, my mom was a Home Economics teacher (when schools used to teach Home Ec) and I truly enjoyed my part time job as a waitress. So I was on my way. Back then I applied to three colleges, using our electric typewriter and a whole lot of Wite-Out, and finally memorizing my social security number. I never considered looking at other schools or stretching to see if I could get into a more competitive school and received acceptances to all three. I picked the one closest to home, and off I went. I had a successful career in several niches of the hospitably industry. I was great at solving problems for my employer, but I was tired of the very long hours and time away from my young family.

I had a good, not great, college experience. Some of that was me and the choices I made. Some of that was not really knowing what I wanted. And some was not really knowing what to look for in a school.

I was always curious about other people's jobs and college experiences. Some people LOVED college but were unhappy or unfulfilled in their careers. Other people told me they just wanted to figure out how to be “happy”. They couldn’t define what happiness was, but where they were in life, was NOT it. I later talked with someone I had gone to high school with and he recounted his high school counselor telling him that he “wasn’t college material”. He went on to tell me he was now taking night classes working to attain a degree in Criminal Justice, and he had so much pride in his voice that he was pursuing a dream he cherished. One that was almost snuffed out by an off-handed remark.

All of these experiences coalesced for me to form Carberry College Consulting. I believe every single person is deserving and entitled to the education they want. I believe that the college application process has become too convoluted, difficult and nuanced. I believe that happiness is definable and attainable. I am passionate about helping people believe in themselves, set goals, and reach their potential.

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