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Essay Workshops

Five hours total to complete their essay!

Two 2-hour sessions followed by an individual one-hour final session. At the conclusion, the student will:

  • Have a completed main essay that can be submitted for the Common Application or Coalition Application colleges.

  • The student will understand why the essay needs to be a story about them. They will understand that the essay is not about a static topic, but rather, that they are writing about an experience and what they learned / gained from it.

  • During the sessions, we will discuss understanding the concepts of “knowing your audience”, that the "application essay is a story about you,” and that every writer has a unique writing voice.

  • Topics of a personal or sensitive nature are only discussed between the student and consultant. 

  • For some students, this may mean working on their essay outside of the sessions.

  • Cost is $300. Spaces are limited.

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